Mixed Ape 2011

by the Dirty White Hats

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released August 1, 2011



all rights reserved


the Dirty White Hats Portland, Maine

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Track Name: the dirty White Hats - Money for Nothin'
most women want their money for nothin, and pull their tricks for free, that ish might work with some other sucker, but it aint working on me.
Track Name: Young and Restless ft. J.J.King
you were young and restless, but you did the best with, the hand that you were dealt kid.
Track Name: Count Me In
you wanna get down-get down? you wanna get down-get down? you wanna get down-get down? then just say "count me in!"
Track Name: Jane Says ft. J.J.King
Yo where's the hook? I got so fuckin stoned forgot to write it in my book!
Track Name: S'n that D ft. Stiky-1 AKA Doctor Astronaut
S'n that D, girl, S'n that D!
Track Name: Hick-Hop(where you're from) ft. Jamie Colpoys(trombone)
its not where you're from, but you gotta represent it gotta give it some love, it's not where you end up, but what you learn along the way while you're earning your cut.
Track Name: L'n That P ft J.J.King, Jamie Colpoys(dirty rappin) and Holly Nunan(hook)
lickin my clit, flickin my bean, giving you a boxed lunch if you know what i mean.
Track Name: the Big One ft. Kenya Hall
this is the big one--dirty white hats are the truth, this is the big one--two white boys with something to prove, this is the big one--dirty white hats are the truth, with kenya hall on the track aint got nothin to lose!
Track Name: Barlight ft. J.J.King
barlight barlight, she looked so good last night, now the sun is shining time for rising she aint lookin tight, barlight barlight, no something isnt right, now its morning crack of dawn and wish this bird would fly aight?